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Pieter Miller, C.M.

Deputy Executive Director

Pieter Miller, C.M. is an accomplished and experienced professional, serving as the Deputy Executive Director at the Salina Airport Authority since 2023. With a strong background in aviation management and a proven track record of success, Miller brings invaluable expertise to the Salina Regional Airport and Airport Industrial Center.

Miller's career in the aviation industry spans over 15 years, during which he has consistently showcased his exceptional leadership capabilities and commitment to excellence. Holding his American Association of Executives Certified Member accreditation, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the industry's dynamics and intricacies.

As the Deputy Executive Director, Miller’s prior experience and airport skill set is unique and necessary for new construction and development that is scheduled to occur at the Salina Regional Airport and Airport Industrial Center. He has assumed major roles in the projects underway at the airport and at the Airport Industrial Center, beginning with the construction of the K-AIRES Center, construction of multiple 98,000 square-feet maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) hangars on the Salina Airport’s north ramp development site, and construction of the Aviation Innovation and Maintenance (AIM) Center. Upcoming projects that will also be directed by Pieter are the $7.5 million rehabilitation of the Salina Airport’s crosswind Runway, the $12 million expansion of the M.J. Kennedy Air Terminal to support scheduled air service growth, and the remedial action phase of the $70 million Former Schilling Air Force Base cleanup project.

With his exceptional communication skills, Miller effectively collaborates with various stakeholders, including government officials, airlines, and local businesses, to foster strong partnerships that drive economic growth and development in the region. His strong negotiation skills have facilitated the establishment of key contracts and agreements that have helped attract new business opportunities to the airport.

Outside of his professional commitments, Miller actively participates in industry conferences and workshops, consistently staying up to date with the latest advancements in aviation technology and management practices. His dedication to ongoing professional development enables him to continuously refine the operations at the Salina Regional Airport and Airport Industrial Center, ensuring the highest level of service to all stakeholders.

Pieter Miller is a dynamic and results-driven professional, bringing extensive expertise in aviation management to his role as Deputy Executive Director at the Salina Airport Authority. With his exceptional leadership skills, unrivaled industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Miller is a vital asset to the Airport Authority, ensuring the smooth functioning and progress of Salina Regional Airport and Airport Industrial Center.


Non-profit and civic leadership roles include:

  • Past president, Kansas Association of Airports
  • Vice-president, Kansas Pilots Association
  • Treasure/Secretary, 81 Escadrille Flying Club
  • Cub/Boy Scout Leader



  • American Association of Airport Executives, Certified Member
  • Certified AAAE Airport Security Coordinator
  • Licensed Private Pilot
  • Mini-Masters Public Administration