1 Vision Salina to Receive More Work from Endeavor Airlines

The airline industry’s COVID-19 economic tailspin has also included operations at 1 Vision Salina. On May 20, 1 Vision president and CEO, Jim Sponder received good news from customer Endeavor Airlines that will stabilize the MRO’s Salina operations. On Wednesday May 20, 1 Vision was visited by Greg Lambert, director of business administration, heavy checks, and planning at Endeavor Air, of Minneapolis, Minn. Endeavor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. Up to 35 of Delta’s jets have been stored since March outside of Big Bertha at the Salina Regional Airport, and 1 Vision workers have been performing “storage tasks” on the planes. “Every 14 days, there are certain tasks required to be done on the aircraft in storage,” Lambert said.

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