March | 2021
Airport Operations is in the family
Jazstyn Moyer, Airport Administration Specialist
Tim Unruh
March 2021

A rich young life enjoyed in southwest Kansas doubled as a perfect primer for Jazstyn Moyer’s career in aviation.
Soon to graduate Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus with a degree in airport management (minors in business and aviation safety), the 21-year-old will report this spring as a full-time airport administration specialist at the Salina Airport Authority. She has also been a recipient of the Vanier Family Scholarship for academic years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

On-the-job training was collected as a paid part-timer, with a summer internship, for 17 months total the SAA.
Her beginning came naturally thanks to her membership in the Moyer Aviation family in Ulysses.
“I come from a long line of pilots and always knew I wanted to go into something aviation related,” said Jazstyn, or “Jaz” for short.
“We would go there and hang out in the hangar,” she said.
Moyer Aviation is a fixed-base operation — FBO — in Ulysses, that provides aviation services at the airport, such as aircraft maintenance, pilot service, fueling, hangar storage and flight instruction.
First born of Jeff and Artrisha’s three children, Jazstyn spent a lot of time on the Ulysses airfield.

“We were fully engulfed in aviation, and the kids were little hangar rats. They were out there all the time,” her father said. “Jaz has been around it all of her life.”
And how, Jazstyn, was four months old when she took her first ride on an airplane, on New Year’s Eve, 1999.
“We decided we wanted her to say she flew into the next century,” Jeff Moyer said.
Jaz was aloft when the year 2000 began.
The Moyer offspring were nearly named after brands of aircraft. The parents considered naming Jazstyn, Cessna. Her brother, Jett, 19, is a freshman a K-State Poly, in the professional pilot program.
Mike Moyer, Jaz’s late grandfather, and founder of the FBO, bragged that “Jett was his first jet before he actually owned a jet airplane,” Jeff said.
Jett works part-time for the airport authority in aircraft rescue firefighting and in operations.

Jaz’s kid sister, Jyntri, 18, was set to be named Cheyenne. How it was vetoed will remain a family secret. A senior at Ulysses High School, Jyntri is eyeing a nursing career, but her dad holds hope that she could someday work on an air ambulance crew.
“It’s to be determined,” Jeff Moyer said.
The family enjoys a proud history in aviation. Jaz’s maternal grandfather the late Artie Walters, who attended Kansas Technical College in Salina (a precursor to K-State Poly), where he complete A&P certification and during that era, obtained a private pilot’s license.
Mike Moyer was a parachute packer with the U.S. Army, who served during the Vietnam war. He used the G.I. Bill to get his private pilot’s license, and while still farming, became a commercial pilot.
“He would frequent the airport in Ulysses, and in 1984 took over as airport manager, and started Moyer Aviation,” Jeff Moyer said, offering charter flights for single engine, multi-engine, with an instrument rating. He was also a helicopter pilot, who offered flight training in airplane and helicopter flying, and was a certified airframe and power plant mechanic.
“Dad had everything but a sea plane rating. We don’t have much need for that in southwest Kansas,” Jeff Moyer said.
He and brother Kevin Moyer co-manage Moyer Aviation — both A&P mechanics — that’s owned by their mother, Cheryl Moyer. The brothers have also worked as agriculture spray pilots.

“We try to do many things in aviation to make money in western Kansas,” Jeff Moyer said. “We hit all the angles. We’ve got’er covered.”
Jaz isn’t sure just where her career will take her, but it will definitely be aviation related, perhaps as an air traffic controller, airport manager, flight dispatcher or with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
“Jazstyn has a high aviation ‘IQ’ that comes from growing up in an aviation family,” said Tim Rogers, SAA executive director. “Coupled with her K-State Poly degree in airport management, she is well-prepared for her new Salina Airport Authority duties and responsibilities.” 
Jeff Moyer hasn’t lost hope that Jaz and Jyntri will become private pilots.
“I am working on my instructor rating now. When I get that, maybe I can teach them and continue that tradition,” Jeff Moyer said. “We’re pretty proud of our kids, proud of Jaz and what’s she’s done; her determination and knowledge, and how she immersed herself in the industry. I look forward to seeing what kind of impact she can make in aviation.” 
Tower Update

March came and finally brought some much needed moisture to our area, which slowed traffic on occasions due to mist or fog that took a little time to burn off causing several flights in and out of Salina to operate under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) as opposed to Visual Flight Rules. This also made it difficult for some Kansas State University students to conduct opposite direction approaches so not to interrupt IFR air carriers or other cross country flights.

A couple of activities of note this month included Air Tanker 95, an airborne asset out of Hutchinson that staged here in Salina to help extinguish a fire in the vicinity of Concordia. The Air Tanker made several trips to/from the Salina Regional Airport taking approximately 800 gallons of water on each departure to support fire-fighting crews on the ground there while protecting animals, livestock, and other personnel in the area. One trip from this aircraft can drop more water than is held by a single brush truck thus saving time and undue injuries to those fighting the fire on the ground. A special thanks to our Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) team here in Salina.

And second, DOC 72 a Boeing B-29 Superfortress – one of only two currently flying in the world today, made his way to Salina and operated twice in the same day that brought out several local spectators who got to see him perform for more than a couple of hours. This aircraft was predominantly used for electronic countermeasures among other things that date back to the early 1940s.

Less nostalgic operations that closed out this month included one glider takeoff and several C-130 operations that operated out of Salina in R-3601, a restricted area southwest of Salina, for two to three weeks.

From the tower to everyone – have an enjoyable Easter, and

Be safe, fly often, and drop us a line some time (what we do well – can do better – etc.). Any and all feedback is welcome.

Scott Hillegeist
Air Traffic Manager
Salina (SLN) FCT
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