December 2022
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Variety Makes the Salina Regional Airport Unique

Multiple Aircraft Types Frequent SLN
The past calendar year was again marked by the variety of aircraft types that use Salina Airport. Few airports across the nation see the various types of civil, government and military aircraft that operate at SLN. From single engine trainers to one-of-a-kind NASA research aircraft, the traffic pattern at SLN is an aviation enthusiast’s playground.

Go to the following link to see first hand the aircraft types that filed the SLN traffic pattern over the years.

Thank you for your support during 2022. I’m looking forward to sharing news of new growth at the Salina Airport and Airport Industrial Center during 2023. May the New Year bring health and prosperity to all.

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Tim Rogers, A.A.E.
Executive Director
Salina Airport Authority
Salina Regional Airport & Airport Industrial Center
K-State UAS show high value in airport crash simulation through FAA Funded Research “Operations near and Around Airports.”
UAS operated by K-State Salina assist Airport Authority ARFF personnel in training exercise at Salina Regional Airport (Photo courtesy of K-State Salina) 
Tim Unruh
December 2022

A simulated response of a mock airplane crash at Salina Regional Airport, included an uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) operated by members of the K-State Salina UAS program. A UAS quadcopter was used to help Salina Airport aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) personnel gain better situational awareness at the simulated crash site.
The UAS operators flew to the crash scene and assessed the situation through live video feeds. While maneuvering the UAS by remote control from the ground, emergency workers in fire trucks were given critical information.
“There’s one victim east of the aircraft, about 100 feet,” one report could be heard.
“One victim is directly under the fuselage,” according to the next radio broadcast. K-State Salina UAS pilots relayed what they saw from above.
Salina Airport first responders were more effective, said David Sorell airport operations manager, thanks to information supplied by the UAS pilots.
KDOT Division of Aviation accepting artwork for contest
The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Division of Aviation is currently accepting Artwork for the 2023 NASAO National Art Contest.

KDOT will honor the 1st place winner of each category on February 16, 2023, at the 2023 Aviation Day at the Capitol.

Please contact KDOT Aviation for more details (785)296-2553.
1 Vision leases more airport space, needs workers
1 Vision Aviation preps Airbus A320s for MRO work at SLN
Tim Unruh
November 2022

While economic conditions have significantly cooled, business at 1 Vision Aviation is hot as ever for the full-service MRO company that its owner and president Jim Sponder has built up in Salina.
“We’re doing heavy checks, paint, interiors, all in a one-stop shop. That’s us. We do it all,” he proudly proclaimed.
The aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul company with its general aviation services and company headquarters in Sioux City, Iowa, has leased another 60,746 square feet of space in two Salina Regional Airport buildings, from the Salina Airport Authority.
1 Vision launched its Salina location in September of 2019, starting with the 143,000-square-foot Hangar 959 — a.k.a Big Bertha. In terms of hangar space, Sponder said his company leases the most of any tenant, renting 203,746 square feet across three buildings.
“The biggest reason is that we’ve grown our customer base and have added contracts from one of the largest leasing companies in the world along with a couple of DOD (Department of Defense) contracts,” Sponder said.
Hentzen Coatings opens warehouse at the Salina Airport Industrial Center, keeping stock close for client Great Plains Mfg.
Tim Unruh
November 2022

Continued expansion of Salina-based Great Plains Manufacturing prompted one of its suppliers, Hentzen Coatings, to locate needed products close to the national and
international equipment maker.
Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hentzen has leased 9,175 square feet of warehouse space, Building 595, Unit A, in the Salina Airport Industrial Center. It is stocked with products necessary to Great Plains and other customers in a multi-state region.
Billed as one of the largest privately owned industrial manufacturing companies in the nation, Hentzen has been in business since 1923, and has enjoyed “a long relationship with Great Plains Manufacturing,” said Kirk Pigatto, Hentzen vice president and general manager.
The company maintains a “strong presence” in the Plains states, he said.
Flotration rents airport industrial center space
Tim Unruh
November 2022

Three entrepreneurs native to Salina, have invested time and money in a venture that could help clean up groundwater contamination at home and beyond.
They intend to “prove it out” soon to leaders of their favorite town, with hopes to someday branch out.
Their company, Flotration Technologies, has leased space in the Salina Airport Industrial Center, aiming to launch a pilot study and prove the technology’s cleanup capabilities at the Former Schilling Air Force base.
If their demonstration project works, company leaders will be able to offer a new technology at clean up sites across the country. The company's new technology targets “forever chemicals” that are of concern nationwide. 
Now Hiring at SLN
On the Flightline at America's Fuel Stop
Multiple aircraft types frequent SLN, making the Salina Regional Airport unique.
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