October | 2019
Tower Update
Greetings and Happy Halloween from the Tower!

Alex Gall is our newest addition to the staff. He started work on 10/7 and is doing well with the initial qualification training. Alex is a Marine and spent most of his time at Miramar.

We have enjoyed all the events over the last several months. Thanks to Kenny and David for their hard work and excellent coordination with the tower, and helping to make it all happen safely and without incident.

This time of year weather conditions can deteriorate rapidly, with snow reducing visibility to less than basic VFR. A reminder, the tower can’t solicit Special VFR (SVFR). It must be requested by the pilot, and the Class Delta must be released from ZKC, before a SVFR clearance can be issued. Basically, it’s one-in and one-out. Unless it’s an emergency situation, IFR traffic has priority over SVFR traffic. Just something to think about.

Happy Flying!

Jay Hatchett
Air Traffic Manager
Salina (SLN) FCT
Let's Get Real

Tim Unruh
October 2019
Kansas is among the country’s leaders in convincing citizens to comply with Real ID legislation.

The deadline isn’t until Oct. 1, 2020, but folks age 18 and older who are aiming to travel on commercial airlines, should be working on having the necessary identification, said Jay Brainard, of Wichita, federal security director for the Transportation Security Administration in Kansas. 

That gold star on approved driver licenses is the “most recognized” way to comply with the 2015 Real ID Act, he said.

The federal legislation raised standards for driver licenses and other forms of identification, aimed at curbing terrorism.

“There is a higher burden on the individual to provide citizenship,” Brainard said.

A REAL ID is necessary to enter federal facilities, nuclear power plants and board federally regulated commercial aircraft, according to Homeland Security. Exceptions are post offices or Social Security offices.

“Whether or not Kansans have Real ID on their driver license does not affect their ability to vote,” added Katie Koupal, deputy assistant Kansas Secretary of State.

REAL ID is not a factor in buying a ticket to fly on United Airlines out of Salina to Denver and Chicago, said Wes Horrocks, spokesman for SkyWest Airlines, which operates the United service.

ID issues “really apply more on the TSA side,” he said. “Often you will input personal information when purchasing a ticket, but it’s not on the airline to confirm you have the right kind of identification.”

To board a plane, TSA agents at M.J. Kennedy Air Terminal at Salina Regional Airport — and others — require that you show one of the IDs (driver license, State of Kansas ID, military ID, U.S. passport, certified copy of a birth certificate, employment authorization, permanent resident card, foreign passport with an approved Form I-94, and proof of your Social Security number, according to TSA) “something with a gold star on it,” Brainard said. “It has to match up with the boarding pass.”

REAL ID is “not a required credential,” according to the Kansas Department of Revenue, but it will expedite boarding airplanes regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration or entering federally protected buildings. Otherwise, you must bring other documentation to prove “lawful presence,” said Zach Fletcher, spokesman for the Kansas Department of Revenue — the driver’s license bureau in the Division of Vehicles, is part of the Revenue department.

Other documents might include a state-issued birth certificate, Social Security card, utility bill, vehicle registration — and other options — anything to prove who you are.

To find out the status on your driver’s license, visit KSrevenue.org/dovrealid.html , and click on the “status check” button. If you do not have the upgrade, visit a driver’s license office. Salina’s DL examiner office is at 2910 Arnold in the Salina Airport Industrial Center. Phone number is 825-0321 and hours are 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday.

See the checklist for the documents to bring. Checklists are also available at examiner’s offices or online.

While other states, among them Oklahoma, are lagging, Kansas began requesting documents on the legislation in 2010 and started issuing gold-starred licenses in August 2017, Fletcher said.

“We kind of set the pace and got a jump on some of the surrounding states in getting these (licenses) issued,” he said.

Feedback from Kansas lawmakers has been “primarily positive,” said Ethan Spurling, legislative liaison, who “bridges the gap” between the Revenue department and the statehouse.

Of the state’s 2.3 million total adult citizens with driver’s license and-or state ID cards on file, 390,671 have opted not to seek the gold star, Fletcher said, and 1.1 million — 49 percent as of Oct. 22 — either had documentation on file with the state, or they already received the gold star on their driver’s licenses or state IDs.

“Our goal is to reach 70 to 80 percent REAL ID compliance by the deadline,” he said.

“Hopefully no one gets grounded at the airport during the 2020 holiday season.”

Proving who you are is admittedly “more difficult”? for some, Fletcher said, such as a married woman who took her husband’s last name.

“Your name should be the same across the board for proof of lawful presence,” he said. “If your name is different, you need a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption certification, any court ordered or legal name change documents.”

For example, if you’re born Tom Jones and after adoption your name changes to Tom Smith, “you have to show the difference between lawful presence and what you provide for proof of name change,” Fletcher said.

Brainard anticipates no problems with the REAL ID changes in Kansas, or with the flourishing commercial air service at Salina Regional Airport.

“The airport’s growing, thriving, and exceeding everybody’s expectations, and we’ve got plenty of staff,” he said, praising Tim Rogers, executive director of the Salina Airport Authority, and his staff.

“It’s just a blessing to be in Salina,” Brainard said. “It’s a privilege.”

What Documents do I Need to Bring to Receive a Real ID?

1.) You will need to provide proof of lawful presence.

Please select ONE from the list below:

  • State Issued Birth Certificate

  •  Unexpired U.S. Passport

  • Unexpired Permanent Resident Card

  • Unexpired Employment Authorization Card

  • Naturalization Certificate

  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240)

2.) You must provide proof of your Social Security Number.

Please select ONE document from the list below:

  • Social Security Card

  • Current W-2 or 1099 showing full Social Security Number

  • Current pay stub showing full Social Security Number

3.) You MUST provide two proofs of current Kansas residential address. Proof must be dated within the last year.

Junk mail or personal letters will not be accepted.

The following are examples of documents that can be used to prove Kansas residency:

  • Rent or Lease Agreement

  • Renewal Postcard

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Utility Bill

  • Financial Institution Documents (Bank Statement, Deed, or Mortgage)

4.) If your name is different than documents in number one above, (due to adoption, marriage, divorce, court ordered name change, or is not the same on all of your documents) you MUST provide proof of the name change.

The following are a few documents that will be accepted to prove a legal name change:

  • Certified State Issued Marriage Certificate

  • Court Ordered Divorce Decree

  •  Any Court Ordered or Legal Name Change Documents

  • Legal Adoption Paperwork


You can order certified vital records through the Office of Vital Statistics at http://www.kdheks.gov/vital/index.html

To learn more:

KSrevenue.org/dovrealid.html , call the KDOR Division or Vehicles at (785) 296-3671 or the TSA at (866) 289-9673  

Salina Travel Agent:
Book Early for the Best Schedule and Fare

Tim Unruh
October 2019

Those planning to fly for the holidays had better move forward fast, warned Luci Larson.

The co-owner of Action Travel 116 S. Seventh, said it may be too late to get the best deals, but with some work, there may still be some lingering out there. In general, expect higher prices and less availability.

“If you’re going for the holidays, you should have already looked into those reservations,” she said. “We always tell people that as soon as Labor Day passes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the next major holidays that people are thinking about.”

Travel agents are “busy tight right now,” Larson said, but they are booking for early 2020, such as spring break.

“For the future, start looking in early September for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s break,” she said. “I know people see in the news and hear it on the radio that there are some bargains out there for holiday travel, and yes there are, but you have to be willing to be flexible.”

Leftover deals might be to less popular destinations, Larson said, and the hours of departure and arrival may not be optimal.

“You’ve got to give and take a little to get those promotions,” she said. “Sooner is better. That’s the moral of the story.”

Larson throws in a Part Two.

“OK, so you’ve got that airline ticket, and you did or did not get a bargain,” she said. “The next thing to expect is that holiday travel is very busy.”

If your routine is to arrive an hour early at the airport, double it, to account for any number of delays, just from the standpoint of larger crowds, traffic (packed parking lots), and stress.

“More people are traveling. There are more screenings,” Larson said. “Some people bite the bullet and pay an extra fee for more luggage. If they travel with a backpack, a carry-on (suitcase or bag) and two extra suitcases filled with gifts, you’ve got to allow for that.”

Speaking of gifts, she advises waiting until you arrive before wrapping them.

“If a (Transportation Security Administration) operator doesn’t like what he sees in that gift wrapped box (when it’s X-rayed), he’s gonna make you unwrap it,” Larson said. “I would not wrap any gifts.”

Another option is to ship packages prior to your flight, she said, but that may not always work.

“If they really want to get a jumpstart,” Larson said, “right now is the ideal time to be planning your holiday travel for 2020.”
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