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Pardon our noise, it's the sound of freedom: Jaded Thunder returns to Salina
Military fixed wing aircraft and helicopters will be seen in the skies over Salina during Jaded Thunder.
(August 5,2019)  -  More than 8 00 military personnel are set to converge on Salina and the surrounding area for the next couple of weeks to participate in the joint-service exercise, Jaded Thunder. 
The exercise will include joint forces integration by members of Air Force, Marine, Navy and Army units, as well as representatives of the U.S. Special Operations Command.
The Salina Regional Airport's close proximity to the Smoky Hill Weapons Range is key for this type of training.  Operating from the Salina Airport, military units get realistic and efficient training.  The less time pilots spend in the air getting to the training venue, the more time, and fuel, they can spend over the range training with personnel on the ground.  The availability of the Smoky Hill Weapons Range, coupled with a supportive community, make the Salina Airport a preferred location for military training. 
Salina residents shouldn't worry if they hear any loud noise coming from the weapons range. The military will be using training ordnance during the exercise. The airports FAA air traffic control tower will work with all military aircraft to maintain safe operations in the skies over Salina.

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SAA News Release
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