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Jaded Thunder Benefits Salina

The Economic Benefit Exceeds $3.4 Million

Salina, KS (March 2, 2017) - The recently completed Jaded Thunder military training exercise made an estimated direct $3,437,600 impact on the Salina economy. The exercise attracted 1,300 members of the United States military to Salina for two weeks of training. Over 30 military aircraft from across the country used the Salina Regional Airport during the event that occurred at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range which is located to the southwest of the Salina Airport.

"The combination of excellent training venues at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range and the capabilities of the Salina Regional Airport make Salina a good choice for aviation units from all branches of the military for training" said Salina Airport Authority executive director Tim Rogers.

During Jaded Thunder, military units leased 163,000 square feet of hangar space, purchased over 400,000 gallons of jet fuel, occupied 818 hotels rooms and rented over 140 rental cars. Over 15 local vendors and businesses provided support services to Jaded Thunder participants.

Visit Salina executive director, Sylvia Rice, commented, "Salina hotels were full and our restaurants stayed busy. Salina is a military friendly community that appreciates those who serve our country."

Daily, a wide variety of military aviation units use the Smoky Hill Weapons Range and Salina Regional Airport to train for missions critical to the defense of the United States of America. Residents of Salina will continue to see military aircraft in the skies over Salina in smaller numbers as units prepare to fulfill their assigned missions.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Tim Rogers at 785-827-3914 or email at

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Salina Airport Authority operates the Salina Regional Airport and Airport Industrial Center. Over 100 Airport and Airport Industrial Center businesses and organizations employ 3,600 employees at an annual payroll in excess of $142 million. 

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Smoky Hill Weapons Range is the largest and busiest ANG bombing range in the nation, encompassing 51 square miles, and has more than 100 tactical targets and an electronic warfare range. The complex provides approximately 36 thousand acres for combined arms training, allowing Active and Reserve Component military organizations to train jointly in a realistic environment that combines ground and air assets in operational training in a way that's possible at only a few sites throughout the United States. The Smoky Hill range provides airspace within an FAA sanctioned Military Operational Area, which permits active and reserve units to operate both piloted and unmanned aircraft in training scenarios.
SAA News Release
Salina Airport Authority

Timothy F. Rogers, A.A.E.
Executive Director
phone: 785.827.3914

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