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C-47 stops in Salina before beginning 'Warplanes to Siberia' trek


As America's Fuel Stop, Salina hosts a number of historical aircraft and today a veteran of D-Day lifted off on her way to Great Falls, Mont.


A C-47 Skytrain stopped at Avflight Salina for fuel en route to participate in the Russian-American project "Warplanes to Siberia." The Warplanes to Siberia Project re-creates the World War II flights along Alaska-Siberia air route warbirds flying the route in 2015 will participate in the Airspace Show MAKS-2015.


Delivery of supplies to the Soviet Union via maritime routes was extremely difficult and dangerous during the "Great Patriot War," known today as World War II.  In 1941, the Soviet State Defense Committee made the decision to organize an air ferry route from the United States, across Siberia, to the Soviet Union. The chosen air route runs from Alaska, over the Bearing Straight and through the central regions of Chukotka and Yakutia to Krasnoyarsk. The American portion runs from Great Falls, Mont., up through Canada and ends in Fairbanks, Ala. The route was later named the "Alaska-Siberia Air Route."  


The project is a tribute to the memory of the resourcefulness, the bravery, the determination and the dedication of the thousands of men and women across three nations who suffered great hardships in an effort to save the world.


For more information on this fascinating historical project check out their website at



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The goal of the project "ALSIB 2015" is to recreate historical events occurred in 1942-1945, related to the air route ALSIB. The project is set to solve the following tasks:

- Historical WWII warplanes flight along Alaska-Siberia route

- Participation of ALSIB 2015 warplanes in Airspace Show MAKS-2015 (Moscow Region)

- Handing over of aircraft to various Russian Aviation Museums

- Revival and highlighting of ALSIB air route history and cooperation between  the USA, Canada and the USSR (Russia) during World War II

- Development of small aviation in remote areas of Far North Russia

- Strengthening of friendship between Russia and the United States

- Honoring of aviation veterans dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory;

- Patriotic education of the younger generations

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