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FHSU to complete economic impact study of airport, airport industrial center


SALINA, Kan. (June 10, 2015) - The Salina Airport Authority has contracted with the Fort Hays State University Docking Institute of Public Affairs to complete an economic impact study report.


"An updated economic impact study will document the currentcontributions of the airport and airport industrial center to the Salina area economy," explained Tim Rogers, A.A.E., the Airport Authority's executive director. "An economic impact study also provides supporting data to appointed and elected officials."


The Docking Institute will use the IMPLAN study model to document the value of current users of the former Schilling Air Force Base property in promoting a healthy city, county and regional economy by measuring the economic contributions of the business and organizations, their employees, students, service members and visitors. IMPLAN uses the most current data sets and multipliers and has the flexibility to incorporate data from a wide variety of businesses and organizations located at the Salina Regional Airport and Salina Airport Industrial Center.


"We all have our gut feelings and have created our own estimates of how many people travel to Salina to work or shop," said Dr. Preston Gilson, senior policy fellow at the Docking Institute."An economic impact study gets us a more accurate understanding of the economic activity. When you make public policy, you want to make sure you are doing what is most beneficial to the community."


The last economic impact study was published in 2011 and revealed a direct impact of 4,149 jobs and $142.79 million in annual payroll and a total economic impact of 10,094 jobs with a payroll of $323.64 million. At that time the airport and airport industrial center was home to more than 70 businesses. Airport staff is currently working with more than 100 businesses and organizations located on the airport and airport industrial center to update information on jobs, payroll, local purchases and capital expenditure numbers.


"Staff has already begun the data collection phase of the study," said Shelli Swanson, C.M., the Airport Authority's director of administration and finance. "Questionnaires are already being returned by airport and airport industrial center businesses and organizations. Our goal is to have 100 percent of the responses by June 15."

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The primary mission of Fort Hays State University's Docking Institute of Public Affairs is to facilitate effective public policy decision making among governmental and non-profit entities.
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The Salina Airport Authority has developed the premier airport and industrial center in the Midwest. The board of directors and staff are proactive in providing the citizens of Salina, Saline County and North Central Kansas with a center that support business and industry which in turn, provides jobs and payroll that benefit the region.


The Salina Airport Authority is home to the Salina Regional Airport, the Salina Aviation Service Center and the Salina Airport Industrial Center.


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