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July 2013
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Employee Spotlight

Nicole Lordmann is no stranger to the Salina Airport Authority.  The K-State senior worked as an airport management intern last semester.


"She was such a good fit," said Shelli Swanson, manager of administration and finance. "So when a temporary position opened up, we decided to keep her."


Nicole stepped on board this month as the airport's administrative assistant and will serve in that capacity until graduates in December.


"I'm excited for this opportunity," she said of her new position.  "It will give me the experience I need to move up in the aviation community."


Nicole will sit for the American Association of Airport Executives Certified Member exam in November, just before receiving her bachelor's degree in airport management with a minor in airport safety.


She hopes to get started in an operations position and eventually work her way up to managing a small commercial airport.


The staff at the Salina Airport Authority is privileged to have Nicole on board for the next few of months.


Tower Updates
Control Tower

* The new voice you will hear on frequency is Troy Hemple.  He started his new job at Salina Tower on July 15.  He is recently discharged from the Navy and has been working in the tower at the Naval Air Station, Fort Worth. 

Welcome Troy.


* Tower controllers have noticed a few experimental aircraft headed to the Oskosh EAA Convention. 


* The rainy weather is welcome relief compared to last summer, however now we would like to the sun and some good flying weather again.


* For those pilots who occasionally talk to Fort Riley Approach Control in the Manhattan area, be advised they will be shut down on every Friday through September 27.  Kansas City Center will be working the traffic in the Fort Riley and Manhattan area due to sequestration.   


Happy Flying.

Bruce M. Boyle

Manager, KSLN FCT

On the Flightline
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A Scaled Composites Proteus, stops at KSLN to refuel on the way to Iceland to conduct research.

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From the XD's Desk: Economic Development Partnerships


The growth of aviation and aerospace jobs at the Salina Regional Airport would not be possible without support from federal, state and local partners. The entire Kansas Congressional delegation works diligently to make sure that federal laws and regulations support aviation industry growth. Governor Sam Brownback has attended aerospace trade shows and met with major MRO employers to promote Kansas as a good state to locate aviation manufacturing, supply chain operations and MRO facilities.  The City of Salina and Saline County have adopted favorable local incentives for new and growing aerospace firms. 


The Salina Area Chamber of Commerce maintains detailed, regional workforce availability data. The data base enables employers to determine the availability of workers at various skill levels and wage rates.


Strong and effective partnerships are essential to successful business growth and job creation. The Salina Airport Authority is fortunate to have committed and effective federal, state and local partners supporting our ongoing efforts to attract new aviation and aerospace businesses to the Salina Regional Airport.


Tim Rogers, A.A.E.

Executive Director

Salina Airport Authority
Salina Regional Airport
Agricultural flight demonstration highlights benefits of unmanned aircraft


Unmanned aircraft systems will have a significant impact on Kansas' precision agriculture industry and overall economy, according to elected officials, academics and industry leaders speaking at a UAS flight demonstration at Crisis City in Salina, July 2.


U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) joined leaders at Kansas State University and Michael Toscano, president and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), to launch a flight demonstration of numerous UAS used to enhance the care of crops, livestock, pasture and rangelands. Sen. Moran and Toscano also delivered remarks on the significant economic growth and job creation potential of UAS in Kansas.  

Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Director Beth Shelton speaks with Association for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems International President and CEO Michael Toscano at a UAS precision agriculture flight demonstration, July 2. "The technology is there," Tuscano told her. "It's up to the leadership now." A team of Salina leaders from the Airport Authority, K-State and the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce are heading to Washington, D.C. in August to attend the AUVSI show with other industry leaders from around the world.


"As a global leader in aviation and aerospace, Kansas is a pioneer in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems market, which holds great promise for boosting the economy and creating jobs in our state," Sen. Moran said. "As the aerospace industry grows and looks to take on new UAS ventures and industries, there is real

potential for this platform to be used responsibly and safely in an industry already booming in Kansas: agriculture. The number of ways farmers and ranchers can utilize UAS are endless - from mapping the spread of disease or insects within a field to applying fertilizer to a specific area of crops - and I look forward to continued progress in this field."


As a national leader in UAS advancement, Kansas is poised to benefit significantly from the rapidly growing unmanned systems industry and the forthcoming integration of UAS into the U.S. airspace. A recent AUVSI study projects that UAS integration will contribute an economic impact of $2.9 billion and create 3,716 new jobs in Kansas by 2025.


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KSLN teams up with Hangar Network

The Salina Airport Authority has teamed up with HangarNetwork, the industry's premier online aviation real estate resource, to market available buildings and hangars at the Salina Aviation Service Center and Salina Airport Industrial Center.


Hangar Network uses an online, map-centric search tool to facilitate airport related real estate transactions. From selling and leasing of hangar space, to marketing FBO office and hangar space, to leasing land, Hangar Network provides users with an easy to use resource to manage all their aviation real estate needs. To accommodate short term or fractional space rental needs, Hangar Network includes a service to help manage and expose rental space available within a hangar property. 


"Hangar Network is an excellent resource for site selectors and corporate facility managers," said Tim Rogers, A.A.E. executive director of the Salina Airport Authority.  "Airport operators now have an effective way to market airport-specific buildings and development lots."

K-State Salina earns exception to new FAA 1,500-flight-hour rule for co-pilot training

Students enrolled in the flight program at Kansas State University Salina will be able to qualify for an exception to a new rule recently introduced by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. The rule requires 1,500 flight hours be completed by aviation graduates prior to qualifying for employment as an airline first officer.


Students qualify for reduced flight hours because K-State Salina meets the federal agency's criteria for an aviation education institution.


"K-State aviation is proud that our degree program already meets the requirements set forth in this new law," said Kurt Barnhart, professor and head of the department of aviation and executive director of the Applied Aviation Research Center. "We strive to make this program an industry-leading collegiate flight training program, and this is a good validation of that effort. Our students who wish to fly for airlines now have a substantial cost and time advantage over nonuniversity flight students or students from other university aviation training programs that do not meet the requirements set forth in this law."


The FAA rule was introduced to increase the qualification requirements for first officers -- commonly known as co-pilots -- earning an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Under the new rule, first officers who fly U.S. passenger and cargo airlines are now required to have logged 1,500 hours of flight time and receive their Airline Transport Pilot -- or ATP -- certificate as a pilot before employment.


K-State Salina is an approved aviation education institution because it grants students a four-year degree. As such, students enrolled in the university's flight program must only complete 1,000 flight hours to qualify for a new restricted Airline Transport Pilot certificate, a license required by all U.S. airlines. Additionally, university graduates are able to earn the certification at 21 years old rather than at 23, the age typically required.


The Kansas State University aviation flight program is one of the first collegiate aviation degree programs to incorporate a leading technology called flight data analytics into its training processes. The analytics program collects electronic flight data from each flight and makes that data available to instructors, maintainers and flight school managers as a way to better monitor and continually improve the training experience.


More information about the FAA's updated requirements for an Airline Transport Pilot certificate is available at

MRO space available now at KSLN


Currently, four facilities perfectly suited for maintenance repair and overhaul totaling 280,000 square feet of space are available for immediate lease and occupancy at the Salina Regional Airport.  Of that space available more than 190,000 square feet is hangar space able to lodge business jets, regional jets and narrow body aircraft.  The 12,300-foot primary runway can accommodate all large, heavy air freight and air carrier aircraft.


With excellent air traffic control tower service that will remain in affect while 149 of the nation's contract towers go dark and first-rate facilities available now, the Salina Regional Airport is one of the nation's premier aviation locations.  More than 7,000 business jet and 5,000 government and military aircraft fueling at KSLN annually have earned the airport the moniker "America's Fuel Stop."


Salina boosts an experienced aviation workforce, foreign trade zone benefits and the ability to provide custom proposals detailing local, state and federal incentives.  Three accessible private groups can fund projects up to $50 million, with long-term lease options.

Inaugural Kansas Aviation Expo taking off in Wichita


The Kansas Commission on Aerospace Education is proud to announce its partnership with the Kansas Department of Transportation's Division of Aviation to bring forth the first-ever Kansas Aviation Expo event. "Where the state capital meets the air capital" is the theme as KDOT Aviation leads a team of industry stakeholders towards a common goal - to promote aviation in the state of Kansas.


"Kansas is home to one of only five aerospace clusters in the world, yet we don't have a singular event for industry leaders to gather," said Brian Youngers, KCAE President. "Several states across the union have similar events to demonstrate and celebrate the role aviation plays in their economy and community and now it's time for Kansas to have one as well."


This year's event will gather some of the great partners from across the aviation family and include guest speakers from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Aviation Workforce Development Group, National Weather Service, United States Department of Agriculture (Wildlife), Kansas State Salina, Kansas Association of Airports, Federal Aviation Administration and many more.


"We can't think of a better location to host an event to highlight the aviation industry in Kansas than the National Center for Aviation Training," said Jesse R. Romo, Acting Director of Aviation at KDOT.


"Support for this event has been tremendous and we couldn't be happier to see it all come to fruition, but the hard work isn't over, yet. This is just the beginning of the marketing campaign. We have some great speakers, like Paul Bowen, and tremendous partners like AOPA coming to this event, but we also need the aviation community from across the state to help make this event spectacular."


The Kansas Aviation Expo is an opportunity for various facets of the aviation industry to discuss the current climate and then strategize how to leverage resources and join forces towards a brighter tomorrow. It's an opportunity for the Kansas aviation family to gather and for the community at large to celebrate our rich aviation history. Concurrent sessions will include discussions on airports, aviation fuel taxes, diversity matters, air traffic control, weather, wildlife, insurance, flight clubs and more.


The Kansas Aviation Expo will take place on the Friday leading up to the Wichita Flight Festival, which will also take place at Jabara Airport. For more information on hotel and event registration, you can go to the KCAE website at or visit the event Facebook page at, or contact Jesse R. Romo at 785-296-2553 or email 

SeaPort Airlines announces appointment of Jim Shaw to Vice President- Finance


SeaPort Airlines, Inc. announced today the appointment of Jim Shaw as Vice President - Finance, effective immediately. In this role, Jim will be responsible for all financial aspects of SeaPort Airlines, Inc., including budgeting, cash management, supply, financial controls and reporting, and all accounting activities.


"It's a pleasure to have Jim join the SeaPort team," said Rob McKinney, President of SeaPort Airlines, Inc. "He comes with a strong background in aviation and proven skills managing the financial activities of a company."


Jim most recently was a Senior Project Manager and Business Consultant for Angstrom Business Solutions, where he provided consulting services, analyzed resources, improved organizational structures, streamlined operations, and improved company performance over six years. Prior to this position Jim held the VP-Finance and Administration position for Primaris Airlines. In this role, he oversaw all financial and administrative operations, conducted strategic planning, structured financing for aircraft, and developed policies and procedures to guide operations.


Jim has two Master of Science degrees, one in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix, and another in Organizational Behavior from the University of Colorado. He also holds a Business Administration degree from Texas Tech University. Jim recently relocated to Portland, Oregon.

T-Hangars available now


Call Kasey at 785.827.3914 for more information.

ARFF, SFD participate in joint training
Firefighters from the Salina Fire Department and the Salina Airport Authority take part in joint training, July 10 at the Salina Regional Airport.

The two departments work closely to ensure the best possible service to the aviation community.


Lift: 'Night Witches' of WWII


The Nazis called them "Night Witches" because the whooshing noise their plywood and canvas airplanes made reminded the Germans of the sound of a witch's broomstick.


The Russian women who piloted those planes, onetime crop dusters, took it as a compliment. In 30,000 missions over four years, they dumped 23,000 tons of bombs on the German invaders, ultimately helping to chase them back to Berlin. Any German pilot who downed a "witch" was awarded an Iron Cross.


These young heroines, all volunteers and most in their teens and early 20s, became legends ofWorld War II but are now largely forgotten. Flying only in the dark, they had no parachutes, guns, radios or radar, only maps and compasses. If hit by tracer bullets, their planes would burn like sheets of paper.


Their uniforms were hand-me-downs from male pilots. Their faces froze in the open cockpits. Each night, the 40 or so two-woman crews flew 8 or more missions - sometimes as many as 18.


"Almost every time we had to sail through a wall of enemy fire," Nadezhda Popova, one of the first volunteers - who herself flew 852 missions - said in an interview for David Stahel's book "Operation Typhoon: Hitler's March on Moscow, October 1941," published this year.


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